Kelly (mspotamus) wrote,

twerk it?

Today Courtney and I went to the hippie hiker festival in Damascus. We pregamed in her car and then wandered around sipping "sweet tea" from plastic sports cups, watchin' all the hippies through the haze~. Went to Whistlepig for lunch, had bbq and more beer, and then I got a super sweet hair wrap from a nice lady who only charged me $10 because I was her last customer. Went back to Court's house and drank mudslides and watched a documentary about Chaz Bono, which was really sweet.

I almost bought a new hoop from some dudes but they were jerks so I didn't. Anyway, here's a video of me practicing my breaking. The music isn't my fault. It's Fred's. Blame her.

Tags: hooping, irl, lush kelly is a lush
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